There are three departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, as follows

1/ Department of Sociology

    The Sociology program has gradually met the human resources demand of social research institutes, social work organizations, policy – making bodies, and public administrative institutions, etc …
This is achieved by using various forms of curricular and extra – curricular activities including the use of multimedia facilities, e – lectures and other visual supports for academic purposes.

Area Dean: Associate. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Mai


2/ Department of Vietnamese Studies (tour- guide training)

The tour guide program provides for tourism companies qualified personnel with specialist competencies, in-depth knowledge of the sector and geared to innovation and change. Besides, our Faculty is pursuing the goal of making connection between our students and tourism companies, for opportunities in employment, training, and internships. 

Area Dean: Msc. Nguyen Hieu Tin


3/ Department of Social Work

The objectives of this program are 

  • To help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes to the practices of social work profession.
  • To facilitate students develop critical and creative thinking and ability, to apply theoretical knowledge in practice of social work.
  • To enhance skills related to research, capacity building, policy formulation and planning.

 Area Dean: Dr. Le Hai Thanh

4/ Supporting skills area

Supporting Skills area was established under the Decision No. 503 /2014/TĐT-QĐ by the President of Ton Duc Thang University dated April 21st ,2014. With the main task of teaching skills courses to students throughout the school. Currently the Supporting skills area in charge of five subjects: Learning methods in university, Communication skills in university environmental, Teamwork skills, Writing and presentation skills, Negotiation and bargaining.

With the goal of supporting students with the knowledge and the basic practical skills to distinguish themselves when working in business/organizations and meet increasingly demands of domestic labor market and integration.

Lecturer of Supporting skills area from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ton Duc Thang University. In addition, enterprise and economic consortiums constructors whose have experience and practical knowledge will share knowledge/practical skills for learners. 

Area Dean: Dr. Tang Huu Tan

5/ Political theory area

From the year of 2007 to the present:

This is a period of strong development of the university in terms of quantity and quality. During this period there have been major changes, radical reform of education in the subjects of the Division Marxist- Leninist education and training. From 5 previously independent disciplines (Marxist - Leninist Philosophy, Marxist - Leninism political economy, Scientific Socialism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, History of Communist Party of Vietnam) are integrated, changes structure and content into 3 subjects: The basic principles of Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Revolutionary ways of Communist Party of Vietnam.

Area Dean: Dr. Nguyen Cong Hung


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